The process begins with bringing the vehicle into our repair facility. An initial estimation begins and allows us to give you an estimate of how much the vehicle’s damage is and how long it will likely take to repair. If you decide to leave your vehicle in our care, we can begin on the next step!

Next is taking apart the areas where the vehicle was damaged. Once we take off the panel that was damaged, we’re able to see if there was any additional damages underneath that we’ll also repair or replace. This is when we’re able to write a complete estimate on all that was harmed in the impact. We’ll send that over your insurance company so they’re aware or to you, the customer, if you’re paying out of pocket. At this time, we’ll also have a better idea of how long the repairs will take so we will let you and the insurance company know.

We will order the parts needed from our nearby dealership that provide original equipment manufactured parts. While the parts are delivered, we assess the body damage. If the damaged area is fixable, this is when we remove the part to repair it in house. In harsh impacts, the vehicle’s structure or frame can be damaged as well and we make sure to correct it in this step of the process. Mechanical repairs, if needed, are also acknowledged and repaired in this stage.

Our skilled painters use computerized paint match technology along with years of experience to apply a smooth finish. Using a spectrophotometer (a tool used to measure the intensity of light absorbed after it passes through a sample solution), we can curate the exact color your vehicle currently has. To prepare adequately, we sand, mask, and prime your vehicle before paint. The end result is a perfectly matched paint job.

Now is the last stretch of the repair process. All the body parts are reinstalled on the vehicle and carefully aligned so that everything fits flawlessly. We make sure to inspect the fitting of the new parts and panels to ensure a perfect match. After that, the vehicle is taken for an alignment where it is also test-driven to make sure everything is according to manufacturer specifications.

Here, your vehicle receives some much needed love with a final wash down and clean up. We take extra care to vacuum, clean, and disinfect the interior of your vehicle. Then, a gentle hand wash to the exterior so you can receive it in spotless condition. The vehicle is just about ready for delivery.

On the very last step of our process, our estimator, the same one who first saw your vehicle in its damaged condition, will assess the vehicle to verify the quality and repair is up to par. After more than 20 years in the industry, we've developed a keen eye for perfection. We will then contact you to confirm your vehicle is ready for pick-up. Once you arrive, we’ll look at the vehicle together and answer any remaining questions you may have.

A quality auto body shop will always provide a warranty on our work which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our work; we are confident in the work that we do.

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