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So you sent in your pictures to your insurance company and was issued a check to repair your vehicle, now what?

In a time where technology seems to fix every problem needed, photo estimates have now become a real thing. The only issue is that not many people have sufficient knowledge about it. Photo estimates typically begin with your insurance company asking for a number of photos showcasing the damage made to your vehicle. Without once stepping foot near the estimator, your insurance company will assess the damage through the pictures and provide a check to repair the visible damage. There’s a very likely chance that there might be more damage under the bumper than what’s been estimated and it may be that your check may not be enough to cover the cost.

Don’t fret – that’s exactly why Chula Vista Auto Body is prepared to help you audit that estimate. We’ll take a look at your vehicle, give you our estimate, and explain what’s on it. Should you choose to drop off your vehicle with us, we’ll let you know if there’s additional damage once we disassemble the vehicle. If you’re paying through insurance, you are only responsible for paying your deductible – nothing more, nothing less. Your insurance is responsible for paying the extra amount and we offer a seamless process for you, working with your insurance so you don’t have to! Rest assured that we’ll take care of the extra damage, work it out with your insurance, update you if there’s any delay in the repairs, and return your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Come on by and bring your estimate – we’ll help you get your vehicle back in its prime condition!

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