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Painting to Perfection.

The paint professionals at PPG are one of the best in the business and is the industry leader in automotive paints. That’s exactly why we choose PPG to help recreate the same perfect color for the parts replaced on your vehicle. Leading technology allows us to analyze the color of your vehicle, and delivers a set of numbers that dictates how much toner of each color to procure the exact color your vehicle carries. This ensures the part that is being replaced will match the rest of your car and look brand new! Not to mention, the paint we use also reduces the amount of waste in the environment. Backed by the infamous Good Housekeeping Seal, PPG Envirobase is a waterborne paint that reduces the amount of emissions in the air while providing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality.

Let us restore your vehicle to look its best! Color matching the paint on your vehicle is both an art and exacting science. Our paint department will make sure your car’s new parts match the rest of your vehicle and look brand new!

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