How Much is a Paint Job on a Car?

Scratches and dents happen; cars parked too close, kids, inattentive drivers, etc. It’s downright unsightly!

Vehicle owners may wait to fix scratches or dents or pop-out dents prior to painting. You should, however, seek immediate professional help.

Those unsightly scratches, scrapes, dings—anything that breaks a seal—make a vehicle’s body vulnerable to the elements. That’s damaging. 

They appear small, but cars’ open wounds get larger with time—with washings and environmental exposure, heat and cold—leaving vehicles vulnerable to rust. Repairing such damage earlier than later is best. 

Repairing/painting prevents rampant rust damage, and fixing a damaged area also adds to the resale value of a vehicle. 

We use PPG Envirobase High Performance sustainable advantage paint products, good for our environment, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

painting an automobile

So, how much is a car’s paint job?

The cost depends on several factors. 

It depends on what areas you want to paint and how extensive the project is. 

From bumpers to the hood, the entire car, or simply focusing on chips, scratches and dents, folks tend to work around the issue of costs. Therefore, consider insurance and needs. Better yet, let our auto repair professionals help determine best first-steps.

Factors considered

  • Vehicle condition (does it need any body work, does it have dents or scratches)
  • Paint color choice (some colors are more expensive)
  • Size of vehicle

Chula Vista Auto Body encourages you to submit a request for a convenient in-person quote.

Painting Your Vehicle to Perfection

Over time, vehicles’ paint colors are affected by age/environment. Chula Vista Auto Repair professionals use leading technology to 

  • analyze the color of your vehicle
  • deliver set numbers that dictates toner quantity, expertly drawing exact matches for your vehicle’s color  

car painting

There’s a method to perfection

  • Prepare Car Surface

Every speck of dirt, grease, and blemish is removed. The surface is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Skillful Body Repair


Everything is removed from the vehicle’s body; door handles, trim, reflectors, lights, license plate, key locks, mudguards, antennas…everything.

  • Expert Body Preparation

Imperfections cleared—smoothed completely away—with body filler and care in sanding.

  • Priming

Primer, the foundation, ensures a smooth durable base. Next, a careful sanding.

  • Pro Paint Application

The paint process—important as the quality of the paint itself—is sprayed onto the vehicle with precision.

  • Clear Coat

The clear coat, formulated with UV protection, ensures added protection against scratches/chips, restoring a vehicle’s natural glossy factory finish.

  • Polish

Polishings and light-sanding/buffing removes blemishes. Wow! Better than new!

car polish

  • Reassemble

This might include part replacement: each cleaned, shined, and beautiful part is placed back onto the vehicle. 

  • Auto Detail

Chula Vista Auto Body promotes a healthy environment—it’s natural that we use PPG, industry’s leader in automotive paints—to recreate your vehicle’s exact color. 

Envirobase High Performance paint products, high-tech, modern tools, and our professional painting team ensures perfection. You’ll proudly drive a vehicle that looks brand new!

Scratched/Chipped Paint 

Chips/scratches are common auto body repairs. Scratch/chip repair costs are determined by the severity of the damage and where they’ve occurred. 


Sometimes dents can be popped out—something a professional is highly trained to do—but there may be residual damage to the paint. The painting job cost will be determined by the pro.


Bumpers protect vehicles from damage when accidents occur, therefore, keep bumpers strong. Sometimes, entire bumpers must be removed or replaced. Minor repairs, however, cost between $300-$2,000, just ask the professional.


A professional job assures high-quality, and perfection. A rough estimate for a professional to paint the hood ranges $300-$500. 


The vehicle’s roof experiences weather, tree droppings and flying debris damage. Severe damage can occur from an accident. Typically, a high quality vehicle roof painting costs between $300-1,200. A sunroof may affect costs.