How much does body work cost on a car?

You love your vehicle! Auto body repair professionals understand this, and work hard to keep your loving relationship happy and healthy!

Getting an estimate for vehicle car body repair costs and being able to afford the repair aren’t always the same.

A July 2020 LendingTree survey found that more than ¼ of drivers couldn’t afford a $500 car repair without taking on debt. Also, close to half (43%) of vehicle owners go into debt paying for car repairs. A majority (58%) of drivers skipped making repairs altogether. What’s a car owner to do?

There’s a way around this. For example, try keeping an emergency fund to pay for unexpected repairs. This takes planning, something that’s been difficult over the last year or two.

Additionally, there’s options available that vehicle owners might not have thought of. These ideas can help you get back on the road again, normalizing life without worrying about how to get that body repair completed.

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Financing vehicle repair costs

  • 0% interest credit card

A credit card that comes with a promotional interest rate. 

Good for:

Those with good credit who can repay their debt quickly. Some companies offer a promotional 0% interest rate. The 0% APR may last around nine to 18 months, depending on the offer, letting you make purchases and then pay them off without accruing interest.

  • Payment plan

Ask the repair professionals if this is a possibility. Vehicle owners might pay for repairs over an agreed time period, sometimes with low- or no-interest.

Good for:

Someone who’s unable to pay the entire bill up-front.


Home Equity Line Of Credit

HELOCs let people borrow against the equity they’ve accrued in their home.

Good for:

Homeowners with equity in their home.

Financing vehicle repair costs

What is the average cost of collision repair in our region?

The average cost of collision repair in San Diego, as reported by Yelp’s cost estimator on November 17, 2021 is $850, ranging between $450-$1,850. The calculation is based on real-life project quotes from millions of Yelp customers interacting with regional businesses on any given day. 

Note, cost estimates are calculated in the aggregate, and they are for informational purposes only. While this information doesn’t reflect any vehicle owner’s specific requirements, the costs for your particular vehicle’s body collision repair could be lower than you think.

Insurance claims on the rise in 2021

As people move back to the workplace, the national number of claims has risen. In fact, “repairable insurance claims” rose 24.36% over this year when many workplaces and most schools shut down. However, the number of claims is below the 2019 average. (Source: CCC Intelligent Solutions, Inc.) 

It makes good sense to add collision coverage to your insurance policy, preventing an out-of-pocket expense with an uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage policy. Covered are repairs or replacements on your vehicle if the person at fault is uninsured or not carrying enough coverage to fix your car.

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Over 23 years of service!

Chula Vista Auto Body Repair professionals possess the expertise to repair your vehicle with a lifetime warranty on every job. 

Just look at our credentials

  • I-CAR Gold Class

Trained Repair Professionals

  • Chief Collision Technology

Frame Equipment Certification

  • PPG

Auto Technician Certification

Though some repairs may require new parts, be assured that we use only the best! Our expertise assists you with these types of repairs that our I-CAR certified technicians PERFORM :

Types of repairsEstimated costs
Damaged body parts $50 to $1,500+
Multiple impact collisionsSchedule appointment; you may be pleasantly surprised

Deep paint scratches $300 to $1,000, depending on vehicle & severity
BumpersHundreds to $10,000 Varies based on vehicle type

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